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The Psychology of Giving

The million-dollar question that we all wish we had the perfect answer to: why do donors give? The truth is that donor and organizational advocates give a gift for a plethora of reasons. Whether a supporter is motivated intrinsically or extrinsically, we know that they give because it makes them feel good about making a positive change in the world. Our job at RKD Alpha Dog is to help our partners communicate that message and feeling. Giving Empowerment

When a person makes a gift to a nonprofit, they are doing so out of trust that the organization will use that money to better serve a community need. Someone once said, “People don’t give to causes, people give to lives with causes”. At the end of the day, there are many ways to give and there are different ways your organization can receive monetary funds. What matters the most is the donor relationship and the feeling of empowerment they get when they support your cause. So how do you make sure they get that warm fuzzy feeling?