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Refresh Your Next Fundraising Appeal

A major part of compelling storytelling is the verbiage you use to paint the picture for your donors. Using the right words can directly impact your campaign’s success. Don’t forget about the specific and intricate details of a story that tug on the heartstrings and build that emotional response with your constituents. Here is a list of 35 fresh terms for your holiday and new year’s appeals: ResilientCourageousRemarkableRevolutionaryDiligentDependableCompassionateDedicatedGenuineCommittedGraciousHumbledSincereDiscoverGlowingPhenomenal SelflessSensationalAdvocateEmpatheticDynamicHeroicDevotedTenaciousUnwaveringZealousReliableResourcefulSevereComprehensiveSubstantialEnrichment
There are also many words we suggest staying away from, such as cantankerous, curmudgeon, copacetic, or cockamamie. One of our best tips for publishing stories is to remember your audience. Omit jargon, large confusing words, and words that may paint a negative picture.Your donors do not necessarily care about the d…