Hitting The Google Adwords Jackpot!

Successfully using a Google Grant and AdWords requires give and take, research, continual improvement, and consistent management. Not all organizations have the time or knowledge to do this on their own so they turn to RKD Alpha Dog. However, if you are currently managing your own Google Grant and AdWords without the expert guidance of our digital fundraising team, here are a few insider points to improve your results.

Segment and Target the Right People

Google’s purpose is to provide users with relevant content generated by keywords that pull pertinent information based on what was typed in the search engine. Keywords are vital to organizations who want to fundraise in the digital world. Google AdWords allows nonprofits to target potential prospects and current supporters by a simple search on Google. Below are five rules for selecting and managing your AdWords:

  1. Think Like Your Advocates.  Consider the terms that current or prospective donors might use to search and keywords related to websites these individuals might visit regularly. Remember to focus on more than just your donors. Your volunteers, pet adopters, those who benefit from SNAP, corporations, and more are also important to your cause.
  2. Organize Keywords By Theme. Bundle similar keywords into a group that tailors around a central theme. Think summer hunger, events, holiday giving themes, or monthly giving opportunities.
  3. Discover Details vs. Generic Keywords. Detailed keywords should match your target audience’s search or the website they are visiting. Generic keywords should be used when attempting to reach as many individuals as possible. Know the difference and know who to target with each.
  4. Include The Negative. To prevent your ads from showing up in the wrong searches, implement negative keywords to reduce unnecessary costs. (Ex. The word; adopt. Someone is looking to adopt a cat at a local shelter, but instead, the search results show child adoption services in the area.)
  5. Use The Display Planner or Keyword Planner. The keyword planner uncovers ad group ideas, predicts how a list of keywords could perform, and creates new keyword lists. The display planner offers keyword ideas and guidance on how to target segments of donors. Both are great tools to keep your AdWords strategy thriving.

It Takes More Than Just Luck

If you don’t already have a Google Grant or AdWords account, the application process has recently changed. It now requires a validation code provided by TechSoup. Once you have that code, you can use it to set up your Google for Nonprofits account. Before you dive right into setting up search engine ads, consider your organizational mission and goals, which groups of donors you are targeting, how you want the targeted individual to respond to each ad, and the time you have available to manage your account. Our team of digital gurus has helped some clients more than double the size of their email lists and has seen Google Grants generate 33% or more of an organization’s monthly website sessions.

“Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.” – Rick Pitino 

Your furry friend,

Contributing author for this article is Sydney Schaal, Account Coordinator for the RKD Alpha Dog food bank team. She started with RKD Alpha Dog in early 2017 and is always seeking to learn new methods and strategies on how to market to donors through digital fundraising channels. Sydney is certified in Google AdWords Fundamentals and AdWords Display Advertising and Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager Mobile Fundamentals.


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