No-Nonsense Newsletter: Part 2

When your newsletter is composed properly it can showcase your important work and keep your donors engaged. A well-done newsletter will build stronger emotional connections, which compel donors to support your mission. A successful newsletter is more than just the content – it is the design too!
  1. Color attracts the eye. The only people who tell you color isn't important are the ones who refuse to use it. Color animates everything! 
  2. Use interesting formatting. With the proper use of shading, reverse text borders and bold fonts, you can design a professional newsletter template that grabs attention.
  3. Don't go crazy with fonts. Stick to a maximum of three font types throughout your newsletter. Inconsistency makes it harder for eyes to follow and read.
  4. Make your lead article engaging. If the main article is boring or sounds boring, you've lost the reader's attention before you even started.
  5. Position draws the eye. Eyes will land about two-thirds of the way up on a page and slightly to the left. This makes it an ideal place to put an interesting graphic or picture. 
  6. Use pictures and graphics liberally. Captions are the most-read part of ANY publication so take advantage!
  7. Use the "dollar bill" test. You shouldn't be able to lay a dollar bill down on your page without it touching a graphical element. 
  8. More isn't always better. Keep it clean and approachable as to not distract the reader from your message. Use frames, different fonts, and boxes sparingly.  
  9. No contrast tends to be boring. Add contrast to your newsletter by using white space to counteract dense text, using pull quotes to break up a long article, or using high contrast typefaces.  
Set It Up For Success

Timing, consistency, and personalization are also important factors that can impact your results. Consistently time your newsletters – about three times throughout the year – and always include a personalized remit device and return envelope. Regular readers of your publication will come to anticipate when your newsletter will arrive and will expect to see certain content in the same locations. A consistent layout allows donors to easily get the information that most interests them, keeping them engaged and excited about your organization.

 “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs 

Your furry friend,

You can find part 1 of this series here and don't forget to check back in for part 3 coming soon!


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