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No-Nonsense Newsletter: Part 2

When your newsletter is composed properly it can showcase your important work and keep your donors engaged. A well-done newsletter will build stronger emotional connections, which compel donors to support your mission. A successful newsletter is more than just the content – it is the design too! Color attracts the eye. The only people who tell you color isn't important are the ones who refuse to use it. Color animates everything!  Use interesting formatting. With the proper use of shading, reverse text borders and bold fonts, you can design a professional newsletter template that grabs attention.Don't go crazy with fonts. Stick to a maximum of three font types throughout your newsletter. Inconsistency makes it harder for eyes to follow and read. Make your lead article engaging. If the main article is boring or sounds boring, you've lost the reader's attention before you even started. Position draws the eye. Eyes will land about two-thirds of the way up on a page and s…

No-Nonsense Newsletter Tips: Part 1

Newsletters have become a go-to piece for fundraising and direct response marketing. When done right, an organization’s newsletter can offer major financial and donor loyalty benefits. Dedicated supporters will give frequently and donate more when treated like important stakeholders of the nonprofit. Keep Your Newsletter Donor-Centric
People don’t give to your organization because they made a calculated decision to support you. Although somewhat interested in the nuts and bolts of your organization, they give because you have moved them to support your mission. They care about how you positively impact the community and help those in need. It is important your newsletter articles are donor-centric. Find an angle that makes the donor continue to care. Make your newsletter about your donors. Let them know how they are making a difference with their support to your mission.
How People Read Newsletters
People skim before they read. They browse a little and then go on with their lives. If they…