How to Rock Your 2017 Social Media Strategy

Digital is a fast moving and ever-changing fundraising channel. There are updates and changes made on a regular basis that can completely change how you communicate with your donors. Check out this short list of changes and trends to take note of this year:
Live Videos and 360-Degree Streaming

Live video content allows your followers to interact with your organization in real time, which up until now has been difficult to accomplish. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have some form of live video streaming capabilities while other platforms are expected to roll out their own versions. Live videos give you an opportunity to tell a story as it happens. Facebook also has a really cool feature that gives viewers a one-of-a-kind look at an event, facility, volunteer activity, and more. Read about how to set up your own 360-degree live stream here:

Emerging E-Commerce

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter all have capabilities that let users purchase products directly from a company’s page. We think this could be a great way to solicit a donation! Users could “buy” medicine for an animal in need or canned food from your virtual food drive. Pair this online shopping experience with social media ads to create stronger multichannel results!

Mobile Ads

80% of Facebook’s $7 billion in 2016 ad revenue came from mobile. Mobile advertising is constantly evolving with changes in technology. It is projected that in 2017, $41 billion will be spent on social media advertising across all platforms. From 2015 to 2016, paid search ads grew by 76%, social ads grew by 74% and promoted posts grew by 76%. Instagram alone drew $1.53 billion in mobile ads from around the world in 2016. The trick to successful social media ads is being able to provide followers with relevant and engaging content that is visually compelling. Most social networks have algorithms in place that give priority to great content that users want to see.

Start Today

Take a few minutes each day to review and refresh your social media pages. Is all of the information listed correctly? Do your logos and profile pictures look clear and are they consistent with your branding? How do your cover photos look? Check out this handy guide (here) with optimal image sizes for 7 different platforms. Remember, if you need any help with the creation of social media ads, content, strategy, implementation, or analyzing data, you can always talk to our team of digital experts.

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” – Leo Burnett
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