The Magic of Media

With so many holiday and year-end strategies, campaigns, and messages being sent, it can be difficult to keep track of the technical details. If you aren’t working with an agency or partner like RKD Alpha Dog, it can be even harder to sift through the information on different types of ads and how to successfully execute each one. #GivingTuesday is right around the corner, so we are going to take a few minutes to talk about earned media, owned media, managed media, and of course, paid media.
Earned Media

Earned media, or inbound marketing, is exposure you did not pay for. For example, when a newspaper covers one of your events or when someone tweets about how awesome your services are, that’s earned media. Since it is unprompted and doesn’t come directly from your organization, earned media can be cost effective, build donor trust, lead to higher retention rates, and offer higher conversion rates. What’s the best way to get more earned media? Your organization should create content that is worth sharing, provide excellent customer service, and interact with your followers on social media. Building relationships = increased earned media.

Owned Media

Owned media is media that your brand owns and controls. This includes channels such as newsletters, direct mail, a website, emails, social media pages, or a blog site. These are channels through which your brand message should be the most consistent. Owned media is the first building block to brand recognition. Double check that your messages and tone, logo, colors, tagline, and types of images are consistent. Since you control owned media, you can effectively target and segment specific donor groups, monitor results, and easily make adjustments.

Managed Media

Managed media is where RKD Alpha Dog really shines. This type of media is exactly like it sounds. We are able to manage channels and campaigns on behalf of our nonprofit partners based on their individual branding guidelines. Since we have a talented team of experts, we offer both product and industry knowledge. This channel is centered on content and requires a level of strategic alignment between fundraising and marketing channels. Since RKD Alpha Dog is managing each campaign, we are able to provide our partners with customized reporting and analytical insights. This allows each organization to make adjustments for future campaigns and improve fundraising and marketing strategies.

Paid Media

Paid media, or outbound marketing, is where the fun truly begins. The opportunities are pretty endless. This kind of media requires money to gain more traffic and lift results. A few examples of paid media include Google AdWords, TV/radio/print ads, sponsorships, online banner ads, and social media ads. Paid Media allows an organization to test campaigns and optimize messages which leads to measurable results. Society is currently trending towards using paid media in conjunction with both earned and owned media. This means that paid media will do the hard work of getting someone to your website but your brand image, social media actions, and direct marketing channels will compel someone to take action.

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