7 Big Year-End Essentials

Ready? Set? Go! It is already mid-October which means the 2016 season of giving will be going full speed in a few short weeks. There are a limited number of days left until 2017. Follow these 7 essential preparation tactics:
Don’t Wait for The Eleventh Hour
  1. Review your year-to-date results: Pull reports from last year that show total revenue raised, retention, average gift size, acquisition, the number of gifts, etc. Pay attention to which parts of the campaigns were successful and which could be improved. Confirm that these changes were made and that your planned campaigns align with your goals.

  2. Storytelling is king: What stories have you collected that offer insight into your organization, provide testimonials, or highlight how you help your community? What do your donors care about most? Don’t forget to include photos and videos to grab the attention of your donors!

  3. Perfect your strategies: RKD Alpha Dog can launch your organization ahead of the competition and put you in front of the right donors at the best time. We can help you strategize your campaign theme, highlight the timeliness of your need and demonstrate how to present your message to your audience in an impactful manner. You will need to have all details of your campaigns planned out and messages integrated to achieve maximum results!

  4. Convenience is key: Campaigns that make it incredibly easy for someone to show support and give are the most successful. Do you know how many times someone needs to click to actually make a donation? How detailed is your donation form or remit slip? A donation should be more about the impact a person is making rather than the information that is required to make that gift.

  5. Inspect all digital: Your website, social media strategy, online donation form, lightboxes, emails, Google AdWords, banner ads, video, and other digital campaigns are just as important as your direct mail appeals. By performing an audit, your organization will be able to communicate in a way that will encourage action. Test everything and then test it again. Confirm that text is clear and large enough to read on a small screen, images are responsive, and donation buttons are large enough for a mobile device. It is easier to make changes now than in the midst of your campaign.

  6. Approve all the details: Connect with your Account Services team to figure out what packages need to be approved, what data files need to be sent to us, or any other campaign details that need your attention. If you are unfamiliar with our Essential Dates Calendar or do not have a copy, speak with your account supervisor. This will give you important dates to follow when you need to have your campaigns approved for timely execution.

  7. Integrate: Diversify your appeals to maximize net income. Your account supervisor can create a coordinated campaign with multiple touch points via various channels to increase frequency. Here is a sample:
    • October:
      • Tease #GivingTuesday campaign toward the end of the month.
      • Schedule a Voice Broadcast message to accompany your EOY campaign.
      • Organize an acknowledgment program for gifts made specifically in the fourth quarter.
    • November
      • Year-end campaign kickoff: Digital and Direct Mail channels; Social Media Kit.
      • Launch banner ads that reinforce your campaign and drive traffic to your site.
    • December:
      • Send a direct mail appeal and follow-up (perhaps as a greeting card), with the campaign theme, message, and ask.
      • Emails: minimum 1 per week containing information about upcoming events, your needs, storytelling, opportunities to share on social media and more.
      • Reinforce your campaign message through social media and your website – short videos or lightboxes are perfect!
      • Continue running the banner ads, consider testing creative and messaging to find the optimal mix.

“Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.” – Tony Robbins
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