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Building A Stronger Brand

Over the next few months, your organization will be sending numerous appeals, posts, emails, and messages into the world. It is vital that what you send your supporters reflects your mission and brand. The one simple tip in this blog post: check your campaign message before publishing.
Define Your Brand

To successfully execute consistent brand messaging, you will need to have a clear idea of what your brand is. This includes logo specifications, colors, tagline, fonts, slogans, mission statement, etc. It also includes your voice, target audience, how you tell stories, the kind of pictures you use, your programs, motivation for making a difference, and more. Your brand is how the outside world perceives your organization.
Do Your Homework

Below is a comprehensive tool to plan your brand messaging. (click to enlarge) You can click HERE for a worksheet version to fill out your own information. This plan is easy to follow and can be posted around the office to make everyone aware of the orga…