3 Things Donors Secretly Ask Themselves

Do you wish you knew what your donors are thinking? What did they think when they opened your most recent direct mail piece or email campaign message? It is practically impossible to break down what a donor feels about every single touch point, but we have a few insights that are helpful.
Will I make a difference?
In today’s world, donors have access to an unlimited amount of information about all nonprofit organizations and causes. Do not settle with publishing a communication piece that only talks about YOUR organization, YOUR programs, and YOUR achievements. An appeal that uses storytelling, compelling photos, donor-centric copy, interesting statistics, and a strong call to action will get the best responses and yield the best results. Think of every email, direct mail piece, or newsletter as an opportunity to have a conversation with each donor to deepen the connection and communicate how they have made an impact on your mission.
Did I donate to the right cause?
Unfortunately, a few organizations were uncovered that have not used donor funds correctly or truthfully for programs. Regularly reporting your funding, program services, and the impact that each donor has made will reassure your supporters that they made the right decision. Transparency transforms into trust for donors. If a donor knows that giving $50 to your group will directly result in a particular action, you will be more likely to get additional gifts. One strategy to answer this question and cement the next gift is through an acknowledgment program. Sending a letter or email after a donation is received will tell your donor that their gift made a difference and is being used for a greater good.
Why me?
Have you ever received an email, telemarketing call, or a piece in the mail and thought, “Why am I getting this?” Your donors could be thinking the same thing. Many donors believe that a small gift can’t make an impact or that they are just one of many supporters and they won’t make a difference. This is where your call to action shines! A clear and concise ask will let your donor know what you need from them. The appeal should state what they can do to help and even explain why they are the perfect person to change a life. Each donor wants to feel important to your cause.

“Behind the need to communicate is the need to share. Behind the need to share is the need to be understood.” – Leo Rosten

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