Treading Water in the Trending Topic Pool

You might be familiar with a new mobile game that has individuals walking around town to collect imaginary creatures. You also might be thinking to yourself, “How can my organization take advantage of this craze?” There will undoubtedly always be a new app or trending topic that gets individuals excited, so it matters how or even if your organization should jump on board to increase donations and support in the community.
Do Your Research
Once a trend has shown up on your radar, your first instinct should be to research the trend thoroughly before diving in headfirst. You should be sure that the game, app, or movement aligns with your organization’s mission. It may be a good idea to hang back for the first few moments of the trend to let others take any risks that may arise. (We’ve all seen social media posts of people walking into walls or tripping while looking at their phones!) Your organization would not want to be liable for someone’s safety.
Think Outside the Craze
What is the primary objective of the movement? Is there a way you can creatively connect the trend to your cause? For example, can you sponsor in-app purchases to gain donations, set up a joint partnership with another organization, or encourage others to spread your message? This is the perfect time to tap into the creative minds at RKD Alpha Dog to see how our team can help you make the most of a trending topic.
Staying Afloat
Keeping updated with new developments is key to a trend. If you take too long to jump in the pool, it may be too late. People are fickle and will move on to a new fad just as quickly as they grabbed onto the last one. You need to know about new features or events happening with the current trend to get the most out of it. Our tip: when in doubt, wait for the next trend to come along. It is more important to be true to your mission.

“If you are true to yourself, you can never go wrong.” – Frank Iero

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