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Treading Water in the Trending Topic Pool

You might be familiar with a new mobile game that has individuals walking around town to collect imaginary creatures. You also might be thinking to yourself, “How can my organization take advantage of this craze?” There will undoubtedly always be a new app or trending topic that gets individuals excited, so it matters how or even if your organization should jump on board to increase donations and support in the community.
Do Your Research
Once a trend has shown up on your radar, your first instinct should be to research the trend thoroughly before diving in headfirst. You should be sure that the game, app, or movement aligns with your organization’s mission. It may be a good idea to hang back for the first few moments of the trend to let others take any risks that may arise. (We’ve all seen social media posts of people walking into walls or tripping while looking at their phones!) Your organization would not want to be liable for someone’s safety. Think Outside the Craze
What is the prim…

7 Mind-Blowing Direct Mail Stats

Even with the increased need to integrate marketing campaigns and incorporate digital strategies, the foundation of your fundraising plan should be direct mail. This tried and true strategy should not be forgotten, in fact, it should be continuously monitored, tested, and improved to achieve even bigger and better results for your bottom line.
Stronger Responses On average, direct mail appeals garner up to 37 times more responses than email80-90% of direct mail gets opened - compared to 20-30% of email (on a good day!)98% of people open their mail the day it is received
Decision Making 40% of people have responded to a direct mail piece in the last three months92% of millennials are influenced to make a decision because of direct mail48% of people hold on to important mail for future use and decision making
Testing Leads to Better Results

At the end of 2015, one of our hunger relief partners sent an appeal to major and mid-level donors to test the effectiveness of using a post-it note insi…