Why a Google Grant is Worth Your Time

Digital advertising through Google is one of the best ways to create traffic to a website or landing page online. The Google Grants program allows a nonprofit to create an ad in search engine results through the use of keywords and targeting options. The biggest challenge nonprofit organizations have is meeting the full $10,000 allotted amount each month. RKD Alpha Dog’s goal was to spend the advertising dollars and manage the Google Grant account for Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Once an organization consistently hits the $10,000 spend goal, Google will promote them to a premier Google Grants account which is worth $40,000 of advertising.


The Humane Society of Tampa Bay was approved for a Google Grant on February 14, 2016 and RKD started collecting data to take full advantage of the free advertising money from Google. The humane society ran six different campaigns during both February and March, which included topics of adoption, donation, veterinary services, seasonal, volunteers, and brand awareness.
Click-through-rate (CTR) ins found by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. Although this number decreased in March, Google defines a successful CTR as 0.5% making this campaign extremely successful!
Average Cost Per Click is the amount spent in Google advertising divided by the number of clicks. A small jump of just 9 cents means the ads were very efficient when considering the enormous increase in March impressions.

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