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How to Rock Your Thank Yous in 2016

One of the hottest topics every year in the nonprofit industry is donor retention, which is why we are talking about it in January! The best road to a great retention rate in 2016 begins with gift acknowledgements. Saying thank you to your donors should be a top priority for your organization this year, if it isn’t already #1 on your list!
Be a Retention Superstar
Sending a gift acknowledgement can come in many different forms: an automated email; a personalized thank you card; or a thoughtful phone call. However, all acknowledgements should have the intent of deepening your relationships. Donors need to know their donation made a significant impact on your organization’s mission. What is your current retention rate? If you don’t know, how can you improve? (P.S. Your Account Services team member will know.) Sending a simple donation receipt without a heartfelt message will make your donors run for the hills. Take some time this month to review and implement a better and more comprehensi…

New Year’s Resolutions to Actually Keep

Happy New Year! The fresh start of a brand new year and the promise of great potential often present an opportunity to create resolutions and goals to accomplish. Here are three resolutions you will actually be able to keep in 2016:
Thank Your Donors. Take a good look at your current procedures for thanking donors after a gift is made. Make 2016 the year that you send timely and personalized thank you notes and consider a welcome series online. Thanking your donors in a timely manner will retain their loyalty and commitment to your mission. Stay tuned for our next blog post that focuses on gift acknowledgements.Update Your Website. This resolution does not need to be a complete overhaul of your current site. Consider optimizing your donation forms, Search Engine Optimization, call to action, and usability on mobile devices. Blackbaud reported a 45% increase in mobile giving from 2014 to 2015! View the whole report here.Keep Your Data Clean. Plan time at the beginning of the year to loo…