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So Very Thankful

It is that special time of year when many of us give thanks for the people in our lives and the things we appreciate most. As you make your gratitude list this holiday season, we want to thank you for allowing us into your digital world to share our thoughts through this blog.

The following is a short “Thankful” list (in no particular order) from each of us at RKD Alpha Dog:
We are thankful for our partners, who have chosen to associate with us in order to help fulfill their noble and necessary missions. We work with many organizations, and each and every one is important to us.
We are thankful for the caring individuals who support all the many worthy causes that help sustain our communities.
We are thankful for our newly expanded family of RobbinsKersten Direct and are so excited for the new strengths we will bring to you through this partnership.
We are thankful for our colleagues and friends in the business and nonprofit communities. The encouragement and collaboration we receive fro…

CRITICAL: Data & Payment Processing Changes

Holiday season is officially in full swing and while you may be focusing on other critical issues, we urge you to take some time to look into your current payment processing system. As we review the latest industry issues, updates, and hot topics, we would like to pass along this great article written by Roger Craver, at The Agitator, about the upcoming credit card processing changes that are taking place with American credit card companies.

Because you work so hard during the year to keep retention rates high, we would never want to see you lose donors because you are unprepared. Take a few minutes to read this article and then keep an eye out in our next issue of the Embark Newsletter for more on this topic and how you can take action!

Follow this link below to read the article.

Roger Craver, The Agitator, Beware of the Sustainer Stranger:

The Digital Donor

The last fundraising push for donations during the 2015 holiday season will have a greater digital presence than ever before. Now is the time to take a donor centric approach to your digital channels to maximize giving. Below is a checklist focused on website, email, and donation pages in order to increase success:
Email: Do you make it clear why a donor should join your email list?How easy it is to sign up for your agency’s email communications?When someone submits their email address, do they get a welcome response in their inbox?Do your agency emails translate to mobile devices? Are the emails built on a responsive design?When you view the email, do you see the correct creative graphics for your current fundraising campaign?
Website: How visible is your organization’s contact information? What happens when you test the links to reach out through phone, email, and/or through the contact form? Are these channels set up correctly?Can you easily see the donate button? How does your organiz…