September Checklist for End of Year Preparation

There are a limited amount of days left until the Holiday Giving Season begins and we want to make sure you are ready for it! Follow this checklist to prepare for the upcoming fourth quarter:
  • Look at last year’s EOY campaign: Pull the reports from last year that show total revenue raised, retention, acquisition, number of gifts, average gift size, etc. Pay attention to which parts of the campaigns were successful and which could be improved.

  • Create your objectives: After reviewing last year’s campaign, you will be able to set goals to improve your results and expand your community impact.

  • Develop campaign concepts: Alpha Dog Marketing can launch your agency ahead of the competition and put you in front of the right donors. We can help you strategize and create your campaign theme, showcase the timeliness of your need and demonstrate how to present your message to your audience in an impactful and effective manner.

  • Do a website audit: Your agency website is crucial to your digital fundraising success. By doing an audit, your organization will be able to communicate to volunteers, supporters, and donors in a way that will encourage a gift during your campaign. For more help with this, contact your Alpha Dog Marketing account manager!

  • Test your tech: Review your entire giving flow from the donor’s viewpoint through email, direct mail, website landing pages, lightboxes, donation forms, social media posts, acknowledgements, follow-ups, and every way that you are communicating with your audience. It is easier to make changes now than in the midst of your campaign.

  • Approve your creative: If you are unfamiliar with, or do not have a copy of our Essential Dates Calendar, talk to your account manager. This will give you crucial dates to follow of when you need to have your campaigns approved for timely and effective execution.  

  • Collect strong stories: You know your donors better than anyone else. What do they care about? What stories have you collected that offer insight into your organization, provide testimonials from the clients you serve, or highlight how you help your community? Collect more than needed because you can always use stories for social media and email content. Don’t forget to include photos and videos with your stories to grab the attention of your donors!

  • Integrate: Diversify your appeals to maximize net revenue. Your account manager can create a coordinated campaign with multiple touch points via various channels to increase frequency. Here is a sample:



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