Donor Communication Series: Younger Donors

It is never too late to start building a relationship with those in your donor database who are part of a younger generation. Someday soon, they will become your largest donor segment! But first, you need to understand their communication preferences, what drives them to take action, and what their expectations are for your organization.

Generation X and the Millennial Generation are more likely to engage with causes that aim to help other people, support social issues rather than individual groups, are strongly influenced by their peers, and enjoy being part of an organization without having to be physically on site. Both generations respond well to digital fundraising efforts and are driven by results and information. It is important to communicate with these donors that their specific gift has made a direct impact to your cause and mission.  

Millennials are tech savvy, connected, and driven to making smart well-informed decisions about whom they support and where they place their resources.
Keep communication with Millennials short and to the point. This group is more likely than any other to donate through digital channels so use engaging pictures to draw them in. This group loves to volunteer so offer opportunities of how they can get involved with your organization using their specific skill-set or expertise.

On average, Generation X gives twice as much to nonprofit organizations as Millennials. This generation of people came of age sending donations through the mail but now prefer digital donation channels. As the first generation to donate online and the generation that pioneered web design, email, blogging, and online advocacy, they are entering their peak giving years. And, Gen X donates to animal rescue and protection, environment and conservation and health causes more than other generations (just a lower gift).

Keep your communication with Generation Xers short with the intent to inform them with what is happening in the organization. This is the goal setting and achieving generation, so allow them to take part in your challenge matching campaigns and communicate your organization’s goal to get the best results.

Both of these generations are excellent prospects for monthly giving, so make sure the option is extended to them once they have donated to your organization. Alpha Dog can help you lay out a plan for the year to help you maximize the giving potential of your donors. Keep in mind that the Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation are still your largest group of donors. Continue to focus on those generations while building your relationship with Generation X and Millennials.

Source: Next Generation of American Giving and Bloomerang


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