Donor Communication Series: First-Time Donor Retention

We all preach the importance of donor retention. Getting a first-time donor to give again can be the hardest, yet least expensive, way to increase your bottom line.  There are many ways to go about decreasing your donor attrition rates, but how do you actually communication with your first time donors?

People will donate because they feel a need to help and have a level of caring or concern for your cause and mission. In order for them to feel that need, there has to be a connection. Your messaging towards donors should focus on making that connection stronger and longer lasting.

If a donor knows that their gift has made a difference to your organization, they will be more likely to give again. After all, that is the reason they want to help! Use copy that answers the question, "What about me?!"

Look at your current marketing messages. Are there words like "us" and "we" that can easily be change to "you" or simply omitted? Copy that is less organization-centered will have the ability to be more donor-inclusive.

Check out our blog post on donor centricity for more ways to change your verbiage:  

There are as many effective ways to communicate with donors as there are segments in your donor database file. Each group requires different messaging and communication channels. By segmenting your whole database file, you will be able to pinpoint how to communication with each group.

To help convert new donors and acquire the second gift, we recommend a new donor lift note as well as voice broadcast messages and other strategies. Call one of our sales team members for assistance in setting up your plan to increase donor retention and to effectively communicate with your donors.





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