Mastering Donor Centricity

Donor centricity means focusing on what your donors want most and how they think. It is your decision to change your communication style to stop language that is all about your agency and begin concentrating your messages about how wonderful and important your donors are to your mission. Below is a short list, and by all means not all of the ways to master donor centricity:

1. Timely Response. Make the time between donation and receipt as short as possible. The longer it takes the more likely your donor is to think that their donation is unimportant.

2. Appreciative and Relevant Acknowledgements. Your thank you notes need to be ‘love letters’ and should include language that mirrors the theme of your ‘ask’ message. It should be personalized specifically for your donor. This will encourage your donor to give again in the future.

3. Inspire Through Newsletters. Use your newsletter to connect your donors back to why they are supporting you first, and then continue to let your donors know that they are making a difference. Making your organizational newsletter language reflect ‘You/because of you’ will steward and inspire them to keep making donations and stay connected to your cause. We have great tips about reworking your newsletter language and content placement. (

4. Internet Friendly. Make online giving simple and easy to use. Supporters will give online if the donation form is easier than giving though the mail. It should be fast and convenient. Also, if your website is not yet mobile optimized, it’s time to move forward quickly. We can help!

5. Adapt.  Donor centricity and satisfaction is an ever revolving door. Asking one time for feedback is not enough. Continually make adjustments on what your donor base best responds to.

Increasing your donor centric practices will increase retention rates and new donor growth. Word will spread how wonderful your agency is in providing the best services for a cause that resonates with your donor and how appreciative your agency is of their support. Alpha Dog Marketing is here to help you measure your agency’s donor centricity to see how you performed before and after becoming donor centric.


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