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Increasing Retention through Donor Feedback

Retention is always a hot topic in the nonprofit industry. Knowing how to increase donor retention rate and loyalty through engagement is the key to survival of every successful nonprofit organization. Alpha Dog Marketing consistently receives requests for more information and advice on how to maximize donor relationships and lift retention rates. One key path to success is receiving vital donor feedback.

So what is donor feedback?
Donor feedback is the act of giving your donors the opportunity to provide their thoughts and feelings about your cause and current fundraising efforts. It allows your organization to discover what your donors find most valuable and gives you useful information through structured listening. What is structured listening? It is when you provide donors a clear and organized way to communicate with you either through a survey or direct conversations. Most organizations will only get this type of feedback if they ask for it. So ask! We all know that the most impor…

Challenging Donors with Matching Gifts

One effective approach to inspire an upgraded gift is to offer a matching gift challenge from another donor. It's a proven strategy to raise money by simply offering your donors a way to make their donation go further. With a clear message in your appeal and a deadline for the match, you can build a sense of urgency for your donors. Securing a matching gift from a donor or corporate participant is a great way to increase your average gift, lift response rate, and increase your donor base.

Be sure to include all of your major players by incorporating grants or challenging your board to commit to a match. One way to target the largest and most effective donor base is to build your match package around a specific project or closing of your fiscal year, and by all means, integrate your campaign. Matching vouchers on the direct mail appeal encourage donors to return their check and double their gift.
A strong call to action and a sense of urgency with a deadline date will lift your res…


In today’s complex marketing and fundraising world, building a robust integrated strategy is critical to your marketing campaign. Integrating your marketing strategy will make a huge difference in your overall fundraising and awareness levels. This strategy is a way to reach potential and current donors through different media channels with the same content and creative. Each time your target audience sees your campaign message, it reinforces your cause and goals. A combination of Digital/Traditional Media/Direct Mail campaigns will increase: Website Traffic and Online Donations White Mail Gifts Revenue through Increased Average Gift Reactivation of Lapsed Donors Exposure and Awareness Donor Loyalty Number of Donations from Current Donors Your Multi-Channel Marketing Opportunities to Provide Overall Lift Direct Media Direct mail packages come in all shapes and sizes and can serve many different purposes. The direct mail packages sent to your donors should reflect whatever your mail objective …