In today’s complex marketing and fundraising world, building a robust integrated strategy is critical to your marketing campaign. Integrating your marketing strategy will make a huge difference in your overall fundraising and awareness levels. This strategy is a way to reach potential and current donors through different media channels with the same content and creative. Each time your target audience sees your campaign message, it reinforces your cause and goals.
A combination of Digital/Traditional Media/Direct Mail campaigns will increase:
  • Website Traffic and Online Donations
  • White Mail Gifts
  • Revenue through Increased Average Gift
  • Reactivation of Lapsed Donors
  • Exposure and Awareness
  • Donor Loyalty
  • Number of Donations from Current Donors
  • Your Multi-Channel Marketing Opportunities to Provide Overall Lift
Direct Media
Direct mail packages come in all shapes and sizes and can serve many different purposes. The direct mail packages sent to your donors should reflect whatever your mail objective is for the campaign and include a strong call to action. This direct mail component is the meat of your campaign and should generate the most response. Other campaign messages based on the same theme can include outdoor marketing - like billboards, voice broadcast messages, radio and television ads, newspaper free standing inserts (FSI’s) and advertising, vehicle wraps, etc.  

Digital Media
Your digital strategy should match the direct mail and overall campaign message and creative. Our digital package has exceeded our partner’s goals by as high as 18%. This package includes creative and copy options for three emails, webslide graphic, donation page creative and copy, social media kit creative and guidelines, deployment per email, Google banner ads, retargeting, and full campaign performance analysis. When combined with other direct marketing messages that are circulating to your donors, we have seen a 2-5% lift in response rates from website lightboxes and a 13% lift in response rates from banner ads.

Performance Analysis
When the campaign is finished, it is crucial to conduct a performance analysis. We put together a comprehensive report on how your digital and direct marketing campaign performed. We will analyze how your organization measures up to the benchmarks for other similar sized nonprofits in your sector; then build the strategy to integrate your digital and offline communications. This will create a solid foundation for multi-channel communication that lifts the overall response of your file.



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