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Get Your Donors' Stamp of Approval

Even the smallest elements of a direct mail package can make a big difference to donors. When putting together a campaign, it is crucial to use the most effective language, colors, components, and pictures in order to grab the attention of the donor and increase your gift averages. But what about the type of stamp, or stamps, used for your package?

The best way to analyze which combination of components will work best is to perform a test package against the control that changes one component to see which package gets the best response. We recently performed a test with several clients on remit envelope stamps for $100+ donors and got some surprising results!

Animal Welfare Test Package Results
Each test group contained 1,498 pieces mailed out to $100+ donors, 0-24 months. This test package used three stamps versus the control package using one first class stamp on the reply envelope.

Control Group: Envelopes with one first class stamp received 106 gifts for a 7.1% response rate and a…