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Asking Volunteers for More than Time

Your volunteers do everything from cleaning, to sorting donations, to fielding incoming phone calls, and everything in between. In fact, they are some of the most committed supporters of your organization - they're giving you free labor! So, why aren't you asking your volunteers to give more than just their time?

The most common response is the fear of offending a key stakeholder - "They're already giving their time; asking for money as well is asking too much." The problem is you're skipping over arguably the most loyal constituents of your organization. They've already proven they believe in your mission and want to help you. Volunteers already know about your organization, believe in your work, give their time to help your nonprofit thrive .... and you aren't asking them for a gift?

Now, I'm not saying to ask a volunteer for a gift the first time they set their foot in the door. But, at the very least, you should be offering information to your…

Cultivating Monthly Sustainers

Key objectives of cultivation are to increase donor retention and maximize donor lifetime value. A monthly sustainer program not only accomplishes both of those goals but also lowers your cost of fundraising - netting more revenue for your mission.

Becoming a monthly sustainer is also more convenient for both the donor and your organization. A regular donor fills out a remit slip every time a donation is made, which then has to be processed and entered by your staff. A monthly sustainer fills out a one-time remit slip with either credit card or electronic bank transfer (EBT) information, and the donation is processed automatically each month. Your organization also saves money by removing monthly donors from certain mailings (but not
of them).

You never stop communicating with your monthly donors. You still need to steward your sustainers; otherwise, they will just feel like an automatic transaction every month. Newsletters, quarterly/annual reports, event invites, VIP tours and s…