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Donor-Centric Fundraising

Dear Supporter,
Here at Anycity Nonprofit Organization, we're pretty awesome. We achieved a lot this year, but we still have more work to do. We need your $50 donation, so we can continue helping our community. Sincerely,
CEO at Anycity Nonprofit Organization
Would you make a donation to Anycity Nonprofit Organization? Who would really ask their donors (or potential donors) for a gift this way, right? But, unfortunately, a lot of nonprofits approach their supporters and prospects this way, focusing on the organization instead of its constituents. This is a bit of an extreme example, but nonetheless, illustrates organization-focused fundraising instead of donor-centric.
So, what exactly is donor-centric fundraising? Basically, it's focusing on the wants and needs of your donors, not your organization. Donor-centric fundraising is finding that sweet spot of balance between relationships and results. 101fundraising said it best: it's not relationships vs.results, it's about r…

5 tips for donor acknowledgments

Saying "thank you" is a habit that has been ingrained in all of us since we were children - probably as soon as we started talking. So why do some nonprofits still struggle with telling their donors "thank you?"

Maybe it's lack of a plan or person dedicated to doing acknowledgments, or falling into the trap of sending the same letter to every donor, or waiting too long to actually mail the letter. If your acknowledgment program is struggling to stay afloat or could use some help, here are five tips to improve your thank-yous:

1. Acknowledge donors By far, the number one, most important, necessary part of your acknowledgment program is acknowledging your donors. Did I mention how crucial this is? The current national retention rate is barely 50%, and donors are giving to fewer nonprofits. You cannot afford to slack on your retention strategies, including thanking every donor. If you don't bother to acknowledge a donor's gift, why would they continue to g…