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Testing, Testing 1-2-3

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten."
Do you keep emailing the same subject line to supporters expecting a higher open rate? Do you mail a donor the same ask array every time expecting a higher average gift? Do you make the same social media post expecting a higher engagement? Test driving different strategies against a current approach can help you discover new ways to boost static or declining results.
So, what can you test? Direct mail packages
Multiple pieces on a direct mail package can be tested – the outer envelope, copy, photos, colors, call to action, ask arrays, letter length, type of package and premiums are just a handful of testable items. Email campaigns
Just like direct mail packages, multiple items on an email campaign can be tested, including subject line, send time/day, "from" name, donation landing page, copy, photos, length and the location of buttons and links. Segmentation
Segment d…

Creating a newsletter that works

For many organizations, newsletters are a dreaded part of their mail program - and for good reason. Even though they only go out a few times a year, they can take a significant amount of planning, time and work. And, unless you're creating a newsletter that actually works, they're a drain on your resources (at best, breaking even).
But have no fear! Creating a newsletter that works isn't difficult - in fact, we have some super tips on how to compose a newsletter that not only is a vital component of your stewardship program but is ALSO a fundraising tool.
Set it up for success Consistently time your newsletters - three times throughout the year - and always include a personalized remit device and return envelope. Perhaps a donor is moved by a story in your newsletter and feels compelled to give a gift - make it easy for them to do so. If you aren't already including them, these two pieces alone will lift your response rate.
Don't forget to ask Just because your newslet…