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Spring is here - and so are the benchmark reports

Believe it or not, one of the first signs of Spring is all of the benchmark reports popping up like daisies. It's around this time of year we start to see a flurry of studies compiling nonprofit results from the prior calendar year. These numbers tell us the direction of nonprofit fundraising, areas on the incline (and decline) and what's on the horizon.

Most recently, Target Analytics, a subset of Blackbaud, released their 2013 Q4 donorCentrics™ Index of Direct Marketing Fundraising. This study compiles data from 76 nonprofit organizations representing 77 million gifts and $2.4 billion in revenue. Overall, it's a great comprehensive study of year-over-year changes if you want to see how your organization stacks up to overall and sector benchmarks. 

And you can download the full report right here.

But in the meantime, here are a few key findings from this year's study:
> Number of donors dropped another 2% from 2012
Thisdownward trend has been going on for several years…

Which numbers matter?

So, your typical email open rates are at 12% and click throughs are at 1.5%... that's all fine and good, but numbers don't mean much to us in a vacuum. What we all want to know is where do we stand in comparison to other organizations our size or other nonprofits in our same sector. At what point should we really be alarmed by our unsubscribe rates?

Have no fear - the 2014 M+R Benchmark Study is here! Now in its eighth year, the Benchmark Study compiles data from 53 nonprofits to set the industry standards for online fundraising, advocacy and list building.

>> Download the study here - for free!

Here are our top 5 takeaways from the study this year: Online giving is up 14% - and more of that revenue is from monthly giving. Monthly giving revenue grew 25% in 2013 and accounted for 16% of total online giving.Churn (attrition) rates dropped 14% - which is good - but the reason is likely because open rates also declined. You can't unsubscribe from an email you don't op…