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5 Ways to Cultivate Major Donors

Cultivating major donors takes a whole different set of tools and strategies. From the appeals you send, to your follow-ups and ongoing stewardship, cultivating and retaining a major donor takes a more personal and distinctive approach combined with time and patience. Here are 5 ways you can cultivate major donors:

1. Segment, Segment, Segment
A great major donor program works to not only retain current donors but consistently grow their major donor group by identifying and appealing to prospects. The good news is your donor base can provide you with a solid list of potential major donors who already have a connection to your organization. Using data overlay, you can identify active donors who have the financial ability to give at a higher level, and include this list on your next major donor mailing.

2. Put a Shiny Bow on Your Appeal
OK, maybe not a bow, but your major donor appeals should be something a little more special. Handwritten appeals from your executive director or board ch…