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Practice Good Hygiene

Practice good database hygiene, that is! Now that summer is in full-swing, there's no better time to clean, organize, and polish your donor database. With BIG mailings in the not so distant future, the summer months are the perfect opportunity to give your database a refresh. Here are a couple ways to get your database in tip-top shape: Update Addresses Don't forget to go into your database and update donor accounts using the National Change of Address report provided after each mailing - it's easier to update a handful of accounts than let the updates pile up. Remove Duplicates Two is usually better than one but NOT in the case of donor accounts. From time to time, multiple accounts are created for the same donor - maybe a name was spelled wrong or a donor got married. Use your Possible Duplicate Report to find those pesky duplicates, decide which account to keep, and merge the records. Correct Undeliverable Addresses Another headache inducer is mailing to undeliverable a…