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Go Big...Go Outdoor!

I'm partial to anything best enjoyed outside: napping in the grass, taking my owner for a walk, mingling with (and chasing) my neighbors, and, of course, advertising.

Outdoor advertising is one of the most unique and cost-effective marketing campaign strategies. And I'm not just talking standard billboards. Go super-size with transit ads, digital billboards, and wallscapes. Maybe you're saying, "But, Alphie, I already use print ads. Why should I go outdoors?" Great question! Going outside not only keeps you from having an accident in the house BUT outdoor ads put your organization and message at top of mind in the community prior to a direct mailing or e-blast appeal. And donors (and prospects) will see your campaign everyday!

When your donors and prospects receive your direct mail or e-blast appeal, they will recognize your organization/message and, therefore, be more likely to open your appeal and make a gift. Choosing a variety of ad locations will also ensure…