Acknowledgement is more than just saying “thanks”

Now that we are well into 2012 (um, what exactly happened to January?), you’re probably ready to put last year behind and move forward. But there is a bit more “2011 business" to take care of: saying “thanks” to your year-end donors. As those year-end gifts continue to come in, assure your acknowledgement program is ready to work for you.  A major key to donor retention and the best first step to move a donor up in the donor pyramid is to thank them and show them how you will use their investment in your organization. 

Standard, generic acknowledgements can leave donors feeling disconnected from you and your cause. A genuine, pawsonal, and passionate response will make your donor know they are a partner in your cause. Consider how you can personalize the acknowledgement to show how a gift to your organization has made a difference. Think: Your investment of $XX will provide XYZ in services.”

How, when, and why you say “thank you” can make a difference to a donor. When you do it right, you are hopefully inspiring them to give again in 2012.


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