Spirit of the Social Community

The seasonal decorations. The twinkling lights. The pretty packages with festive bows. They all invoke warm feelings about the holiday season and the joy of the togetherness that comes this time of year. Truly, the holiday spirit is about community.

As they are appreciating the togetherness of family and friends in the spirit of the season, many will be using websites like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to others. Your social media outreach at this time of year has the opportunity to influence and extend the feeling of community that is so prevalent during the holiday season.

Share in the holiday spirit with messages that will break through the clutter and stand out, so others will be inspired to share and spread your mission. Stories about who you are helping, pictures that show how you do it, and opportunities for volunteering and donating are all ways to embrace what social media is really all about: sharing, caring, and connecting.


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