Have your elevator speech ready?

Be ready with your "elevator speech"
even if you aren't on the elevator.
Do you have an “elevator speech” for your organization?
What is an elevator speech? you ask.

An elevator speech is a brief description of what you do, presented in the time it takes for an average elevator ride. These types of presentations should be only about 30 seconds, no longer than two minutes. They are great for television and radio interviews, or if someone in an elevator asks you what it is you do.
To sum up the unique mission of your organization in a way that inspires others should be fundamental to your marketing and planning. But many don’t realize how effective this small yet important statement can be. Or worse, their statement is outdated and stale, based on a past brand identity that has evolved into something else.
An organization should have a freshly prepared elevator speech for anyone who communicates with the public, including executives, staff, board, and other advocates. While you may not actually be doing the making a speech in an elevator, and even if your opportunity to make the speech is a planned event, you should still always be prepared to capture attention quickly and succinctly.
Having a passion for your mission is one thing. You know what you do, and you do it well. But how well you spark interest in those outside your organization will set you apart when the opportunity arises. Continue to perfect your elevator speech, and you’ll be on top the next time someone asks you “what exactly do you do?”


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