Sharing is Caring (and beneficial too!)

Sharing. Most of us (hopefully) learned how to do it before pupschool. But in today’s world, sharing is more than just breaking your milk bone in half and giving part of it to a furry friend next down the street. The demand for transparency in business, including the nonprofit industry, has led us to share more (and more and more) inside information with our customers and constituents. The pressures of a fast-paced, competitive marketplace call for us to share our burdens and responsibilities with others in order to get things done. But sharing is still the nicest thing we can do to show others they matter to us. Nobody wants to play fetch or go on a walk with someone who doesn’t share, right?
And really, when you think about it, marketing is sharing. Sharing what you have done, what you will do, and what you want to do. By sharing more of yourself and more of your organization, you will create a relationship that is ever-changing and dynamic, yet steadfast and loyal. In these transparent, fast-paced, competitive times, people are looking for connections that mean something to them and that make them feel like they can make a difference. Just like it was in preschool, the more you share, the more they will trust you and want to play with you.

(that paragraph is so chock full of goodness, it would probably be good to go ahead and read 'er again)

Plus, the best compliment anyone can give you is sharing you/your knowledge with their circle. Ask those with whom you have shared to share with others. Whether it’s in the message of an appeal, on your website or in social media, or just an afternoon with friends at the dog park, ask for your message to be shared with others. By leveraging your loyal friends and followers to be another bark (voice) for your organization, you create a network of sharing that extends beyond the original audience.

How well do you share with those around you?


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