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Get “IN” with Alpha Dog Marketing

Bow WOW! I get the honor of barking out some super great news!

We've recently announced a new line of programs designed for our lovely nonprofit organization friends...they are designed to streamline direct marketing and fundraising strategies into turn-key solutions.  Come on now...who doesn't want to “get IN” by combining these programs into a complete strategic solution for their ?

Intelligent Inspiration Consulting is a complete review of a nonprofit organization’s strategic, marketing and fundraising plans. Alpha Dog Marketing takes a total view of the organizations overall goals. The “intelligence” part comes from research, historical data analysis, and years of direct marketing experience, and the “inspiration” part comes from the passion we have for helping our nonprofit partners advance their missions. 
InSight Analysis™ provides a complete review and analysis of a nonprofit’s donor database, offering valuable insight for development and fundraising executives. Years …