QR (quick response) Codes are QR (quite right)

Happy day, everyone! Wow, don't know about where you are, but here, it was surely the "me" days of summer! Woo-wee, it was a scorcher here earlier this week. 

The hot topic around Alpha Dog Marketing are codes! QR (quick response) codes that is! They are a simple way to drive traffic to a specific website of your choice. QR codes are a small 2-dimensional bar code (like the one to the left - and no, they don't have to be this large...) that you (our client) can put on your appeals to prospects and donors. Upon receiving the appeal...the donor or prospect will be able to scan the code with their smart phone, sending them directly to the website you decided on earlier (most likely, your donate page). This is a super way to have your letter become an interactive piece!
We will be incorporating these on your appeals from now on (hip hip hooray!)...and it doesn't cost you a single cent more (...again...hip hip hooray!). 

Want to try to scan this code for yourself? Great! I'll walk you through it. You do need a smart phone, so if you don't have one, find someone that does....

  1. Download an app that allows you to scan these sorts of codes. (go ahead, I'll wait)...and the free ones work great, so no need to pay for one.
  2. Open up the app. (should look like you are going to take a picture)
  3. Center the code (above) on your phone's screen.
  4. Take the "picture"...(when mine is centered and can be read, it automatically takes the "picture")
  5. Watch your phone go to the Alpha Dog Marketing homepage.
  6. Be amazed.
Cool huh?! We think so too and are super excited about helping our clients give their donors and prospects another way to connect with them.


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