Investing In Your Impact (Part II of II)

Hiya! I'm back with Part II...if you are just tuning in, read Part I here.

The strategies and solutions we offer our partners are designed to maximize the value of each donor: 

Acquisition Add valuable new donors that will have a lifetime impact on your organization’s fundraising success.

As you add new donors to your list, develop their value by reaching out with the right message and the right time. Building a relationship with your donor will create more value as the new donors become the core of your list.

Conversion Move donors up the giving pyramid. Turn core donors into major contributors and recruit qualified donors into special donor groups. Or, convert donors from one group to another (for example, capital campaign donors into annual giving donors or event donors into monthly giving)

Retention Keep donors on your list and (actively) giving with consistent quality communications. With a good plan in place, you will have the foundation to retain donors and maximize their lifetime value.

We can help you raise more money with a plan for effectively investing where you will receive the greatest return. Contact us and you will be able to talk with one of our fundraising experts about your acquisition program. Start building value for your organization with an investment that will impact your future.


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