From "Like" to "Love"

I like a lot of things…
Bacon flavored treats.
Cats. (I'm not kidding, I work with a lot of cool should see some of the tricks they can do!)

It’s easy to like things that I can get on board with. Just as it’s easy for people to click the “Like” button for your Facebook page. But what happens after that? Without compelling content to keep your friends and fans interested, there may be no actual engagement beyond that first click. Keep the relationships growing by giving people what they truly want from their Facebook interactions. Content that entertains, enlightens, or elicits responses will keep your fans loyal to your feed. In other words, be social (there’s a reason it’s called social media). Short posts with news from your nonprofit are nice, but you can encourage more involvement by asking questions that get fans commenting and conversing. Make sure you have clickable, shareable, conversation-starting content. Social sharing is the new “word of mouth” advertising, so start sharing and get your fans sharing for you.

I shared a whole list of ideas with you a while back in this blog post. And if you, like me, like to plan for success, we can help you put together a social media plan that integrates with all of your marketing channels. You’ll have people going from “Like” to “Love” on your page. Now, if we could just convince Facebook to add a “Love” button…


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