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Investing In Your Impact (Part I of II)

Alpha Dog's top dog (Mike)  was recently asked by one of our partners why acquisition was so important when they already have a good donor list. You may very well be asking yourself the same question.
I told Mike I would share some insight with you all:

Why do I need new donors? Even if you have excellent retention rates, some donors are sure to drop off your list for any number of reasons. You need to replace those donors with new ones. With each donor you add to your list now, you are ensuring that there are fundraising opportunities in the future. How much is a new donor worth? It’s all about the lifetime value of the donor you acquire. The future net financial value of each donor will depend upon how many times each year the donor is asked to give.  Once a household gives through an acquisition mailing, they will become a part of your donor file.  It is expected that 50% of all newly acquired donors will give an additional gift during the next year if asked on a regular basis. Ho…

On the Road Again...

The Humane crew from Alpha Dog Marketing is on the road again this week for a bow-wow-rific conference. This time, they are in Orlando, Florida for the HSUS Animal Care Expo, an annual gathering of leaders in the animal welfare industry. It got me thinking, how do we get the most out of our time together when we head out to a conference where it’s go-go-go all the time. Here are some tips to consider before your next event:
1.Be organized. No one enjoys the feeling of going in circles, chasing their own tail (except me, maybe!) when they are at a conference. Review the schedule before you go so you can plan to get to the most valuable sessions and networking events. Check out the exhibitors list and make your own list of who is a “must see” and “should see” to make the most out of your time on the floor. If you can, make appointments with your “must sees” so you can stick to your schedule.

2.Be curious. Or, as this dog would put it...sniff around. Find out as much as you can about the s…