Julie's Bling

We have a winner! Julie from Lincoln Food Bank had a whoppin 47 "likes" on this photo of Alphie and his Vegas Bling. Thanks Julie for your efforts.

I would like to thank everyone who posted photos on our Facebook page! We had a pawsitively good time seeing the photos that were uploaded throughout the Feeding America Summit in Vegas last week and for the days following it. We are pleased as punch, I tell ya, pleased.as.punch. to see such creativeness in all the photos. I mean, snakes! and flowers! and bartenders too.

So many fun photos, I wish we could pick all of you as winners! Well, I'm going to just say it, you are all winners in my book. Ok, so you don't win an iPad like Julie, but you are winners to me!

Thanks everyone for playing along! Have you seen all the photos yet?
P.S. Julie...we'll be in touch!


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