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If you’re reading this, then you have officially entered the blogosphere. And while I’m sure you love reading my little blog here, and I love to share, you really should get one to call your own.  It's purrty fun and furtastic!

Here are (just) five reasons your organization should have a blog:
1. Blog to build relationships with your organization’s friends and followers, and help you find new ones. It is an open door to let them know that you care enough to share and start a conversation with them. Daily, weekly, or whenever the mood strikes you.

2. Your blog is a way to regularly communicate in a personal way that shows the human side of your organization. Be personable. Show some individuality. Take a stand. Ask for ideas and help. In other words, be a human connection to your organization.

3. A blog is dynamic and fresh. Unlike your static website, a blog is a way to get information out with a sense of urgency and have fresh content to keep visitors coming back for more.

4. Blogs are interactive. Blog readers often give comments and feedback. Having a blog with a “leave a comment” button prompts a reader to take action. If your post has inspired the visitor in some way, their ability to leave a comment on the blog may spur them into other action

5. You can use your blog to educate and inspire. While social media such as Facebook and Twitter are great for short updates and teasers, sometimes you need to delve deeper into a cause, issue, or emotion that you just can’t do in 140 characters.
And if you already have a blog out there in The Land of Blog, good for you! Let this dog (me) know about it (in the comment section or follow this one over on the right) so I can follow yours, since you are a cool cat and follow mine!

Peace and Bloggin'


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