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I want to be in pictures...oh wait, I am!

Well...sometimes what happens in Vegas, doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas. Sometimes, it ends up all over Facebook. And Twitter. And a Blog. Check out this video made from snap shots of our Vegas venture!
And thanks to numerous Food Bank friends for snapping pictures of me as we lived Vegas for a few days. It was loads of fun and Connie, Ann, Danelle and I had a great time with you all.

P.S. I'm headed to Orlando next week.  Mike, Connie, Heather and Shelley will be meeting up with a good ol Humane crew for a few good days and lots of good times! I wonder if I'll get to meet Goofy?

Julie's Bling

We have a winner! Julie from Lincoln Food Bank had a whoppin 47 "likes" on this photo of Alphie and his Vegas Bling. Thanks Julie for your efforts.

I would like to thank everyone who posted photos on our Facebook page! We had a pawsitively good time seeing the photos that were uploaded throughout the Feeding America Summit in Vegas last week and for the days following it. We are pleased as punch, I tell ya, to see such creativeness in all the photos. I mean, snakes! and flowers! and bartenders too.

So many fun photos, I wish we could pick all of you as winners! Well, I'm going to just say it,you are all winners in my book. Ok, so you don't win an iPad like Julie, but you are winners to me!

Thanks everyone for playing along! Have you seen all the photos yet? P.S. Julie...we'll be in touch!

Facelift...Alpha Dog Style!

I am so stoked to share the most exciting news on the Alpha Dog front! Can you handle it? You better sit. Or maybe lay. Or perhaps roll over. Ok...just playin with you!
The news? We (meaning Alpha Dog Marketing) got a face lift! We are still the same (totally pawsome) Alpha Dog, but we have a new online face! Here's just a little peek. Don't try to read it on here, your 2 eyes will turn to fureyes... go to the real deal and check out the whole works!
See, I told you it was pawsome!
P.S. Do you like it? Huh? do ya? do ya? (ok, that was annoying, sorry) but I'm totally excited!

A Blog About Blogging

If you’re reading this, then you have officially entered the blogosphere. And while I’m sure you love reading my little blog here, and I love to share, you really should get one to call your own.  It's purrty fun and furtastic!
Here are (just) five reasons your organization should have a blog: 1.Blog to build relationships with your organization’s friends and followers, and help you find new ones. It is an open door to let them know that you care enough to share and start a conversation with them. Daily, weekly, or whenever the mood strikes you.
2.Your blog is a way to regularly communicate in a personal way that shows the human side of your organization. Be personable. Show some individuality. Take a stand. Ask for ideas and help. In other words, be a human connection to your organization.
3.A blog is dynamic and fresh. Unlike your static website, a blog is a way to get information out with a sense of urgency and have fresh content to keep visitors coming back for more.
4.Blogs are in…