What does your brand say about you?

Branding…it is everything your audience sees, hears, or touches relating to your nonprofit.

Your brand includes - but is not limited to -  your logo, website, business card, direct mail campaigns, e-newsletters, emails, marketing materials, presentations, conferences, and social media profiles. Bark once if your print, web, radio, etc. have a different feel and message.

B A R K !

Fear not, my four legged (and 2 legged) friends...it's not an impossible task...it may take a little time, but it's worth it's weight in dog biscuits to make strides in that direction!

Your nonprofit’s brand is going to define the trust factor, leading to raising more money and awareness.  And the easiest way to establish trust is putting the essence of your organization into every piece of brand…consistently.

Branding has the power to relay that you are qualified, capable, and professional (Like me after a visit to the Paw Spaw).  It also has the power to relay messiness, disorder, and questionability (Similar to the time I found myself in a sticker patch!).  An inconsistent brand will inevitably confuse your prospects and possibly turn them away to play fetch with another owner.

For example, say you're hosting a fundraiser, you hand a potential donor a well-branded business card.  Then, they go to your website – which looks sloppy and haphazard.  Just like that, you’ve lost credibility.

While there are no shortcuts to a strong brand and it doesn’t just happen overnight – there are a few things you can start with today. 

For starters, include your logo and tag-line on absolutely ALL interaction that occurs on behalf of your organization.  Every brochure, annual report, e-newsletter, Facebook wall post and Tweet should exude your nonprofit’s brand.  Commit to this! Share this with your staff, associates, volunteers, pets, carrier pigeons, singing telegram person - anyone sending any sort of message on behalf of your organization. Go one step further...if you want them to actually keep doing this. Show them...for each application...show them. Make it standard operating procedure or make it a fancy name like Branding is not Bologna...it's Bestestest Business Procedure (BINBIBBP for short). Everyone will be using your logo and tag-line...and using it the same way company wide. High-paw for that!

Another major component is design. Design is how the world experiences your message.  Good design establishes trust, structure and meaning.  Mediocre and inconsistent design leaves the audience detached, uninspired and confused.  (Here’s where Alpha Dog can help!) 

Pair good design with a consistent brand and you’re on your way! 

What is one thing you are going to try to reach your goal of brand consistency?


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