Say it with me now: Communication across all media must reflect your brand

In this post, you found out why it is of #1 importance to have your brand established – what your organization stands for, your mission, your personality.  

Communication across ALL media must reflect this brandThat statement is worth repeating (and remembering with every single effort towards branding), so here you go:  

Communication across ALL media
must reflect this (your) brand

When you are in the digital world of friending, liking, tweeting, and linking, it can get confusing and muddled!  Don’t lose sight of your overarching strategy and brand in order to try every digital marketing opportunity available.  Trying the "sling the mud against the wall" approach will most likely result in a bunch of competing brand messages and irrelevant chatter on social media sites.

Consistency and cohesion in the digital world doesn’t mean simply repeating word for word the exact same thing on Facebook, that you do on Twitter, that you do on your website…see even writing that was BORING!   But, it's true too! You do need to stay on brand, but you can and should adapt to the medium.  It's ok to be mostly factual and a bit more serious on your website...and then have a little more fun on your blog! Bow-wowza...that's sorta what we do here at Alpha Dog! Our blog, although informative, has more of a casual Friday look and feel.

Here’s a few guidelines to stay on tract in the digital world:
Website - A website helps to validate your organization’s legitimacy…this might not be fair, but if someone Google’s your organization and comes up with nothing – they won’t just be frustrated, they may begin to wonder if you really are who you say you are.  An attractive and dynamic website with fresh content needs to be at the heart of your digital marketing plan.  A consistent use of your brand’s color palette, photography styles, typefaces, and way your copy is written all are so important to making your organization’s “voice” shine through.

Social Media – Different platforms are better suited for different messages.  For example Facebook could be the tool to help build and keep in touch with your community, while Twitter could be your shout-out for time-sensitive material, thanks you's, etc.  The most important thing in social media is to post reasonably frequent updates and the better the content of your posts and comments – the more likely your audience will forward on to someone else.  Share and conversation is at the core of effective digital marketing.

Blog – A great blog MUST be based in great content, while still delivering and reinforcing the brand.  Not only can a blog build a community and awareness, show you are a leader in your field, but they are also an awesome way to help your organization’s SEO (service engine optimization).  Case in point: this here blog...the Alphie Dog Blog...we are industry leaders – we know our stuff and we want to share our knowledge to help you succeed.

Email barketing – Brand consistency for email marketing involves not just content, but the overall look and feel.  Just like your website, you want to make sure there’s a consistent use of your brand – the images, color palette, photography styles, and typefaces.

Offline communication – Just as important as it is to have your logo and/or tag line on every piece of communication, online and offline – same is true of having your website URL on every piece of printer material that you provide to supporters, donor, volunteers, and media.  This means every brochure, business card, catalog, annual report, press release, fundraising letter, thank you letter, volunteer appreciation, and even flyer.  Use offline marketing to help drive your online marketing. 

Consistency in your offline and online brand promotion is the key to gain the trust of your community.  Remember, it’s not important to be in EVERY communication channel available, what matters is what you say and how you say (or bark) it!


Alphie asks: What media outlet do you find it hardest to keep your branding consistent?


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