reach ppl & raise $ w TXT

It is so doggone nice outside this week in Nebraska, I'm tossing the ball to a friend to fill you in about texting. Not just texting your bff (best feline friend), but having your donors text donations to your non-profit. I know. Totally pawsome, right?

Now, for introductions...Everyone, this is Marke (pronounced Mar-kay) bestie feline friend. Marke, this is everyone. 

Ciao, friends, so pleased to meet you.
Mobile texting has definitely caught on as one of the newest ways to raise money fast. The earthquakes in Haiti and Japan have highlighted how quickly people will respond to support a cause with small donations that add up to a huge impact.

 No doubt about it, the texting phenomenon is a way to reach out to a younger demographic, inviting them to get to know your organization and support your mission. But it is so much more than the $10 donation you get from the text campaign. A text contribution is often an important cultivation step for higher future giving, according to a recent report commissioned by the mGive Foundation ( In their survey, 86% of respondents who give to an organization via text are willing to consider giving larger amounts via other channels.
Publicity is crucial in mobile giving campaigns. It simply isn’t worth your money if you don’t invest the time to publicize it. Use every channel you have to let potential donors know how easy it is to give via text: online, news conferences, public events, really anywhere and everywhere you can. Integrating a mobile campaign as a part of your direct mail, e-blasts, and website can work as a long-term fundraising strategy. But a short time frame that creates a sense of urgency also tends to motivate more people to give right away. If you have a service in place prepared to go, you can be ready to fundraise using mobile texting to fill an immediate need during a crisis, to respond to a current event in your community, to take advantage of a partnership opportunity, or for any special project.  

mmmm-yes-I think that's all I have to say, yes, be well dear friends of Alphie, Ciao. 

Marke, the Marketing Cat
Source: mGive Foundation, Text Giving Donor Survey Report (January 2011)


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