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New Friends...Old Friends, We're All Friends Here


Say it with me now: Communication across all media must reflect your brand

In this post, you found out why it is of #1 importance to have your brand established – what your organization stands for, your mission, your personality.  
Communication across ALL media must reflect this brandThat statement is worth repeating (and remembering with every single effort towards branding), so here you go:
Communication across ALL media
must reflect this (your) brand
When you are in the digital world of friending, liking, tweeting, and linking, it can get confusing and muddled!  Don’t lose sight of your overarching strategy and brand in order to try every digital marketing opportunity available.  Trying the "sling the mud against the wall" approach will most likely result in a bunch of competing brand messages and irrelevant chatter on social media sites.
Consistency and cohesion in the digital world doesn’t mean simply repeating word for word the exact same thing on Facebook, that you do on Twitter, that you do on your website…see even writing that was BORIN…

reach ppl & raise $ w TXT

It is so doggone nice outside this week in Nebraska, I'm tossing the ball to a friend to fill you in about texting. Not just texting your bff (best feline friend), but having your donors text donations to your non-profit. I know. Totally pawsome, right?
Now, for introductions...Everyone, this is Marke (pronounced Mar-kay) bestie feline friend. Marke, this is everyone.
Ciao, friends, so pleased to meet you. Mobile texting has definitely caught on as one of the newest ways to raise money fast. The earthquakes in Haiti and Japan have highlighted how quickly people will respond to support a cause with small donations that add up to a huge impact.
 No doubt about it, the texting phenomenon is a way to reach out to a younger demographic, inviting them to get to know your organization and support your mission. But it is so much more than the $10 donation you get from the text campaign. A text contribution is often an important cultivation step for higher future giving, according to a re…

Write it, type it...just jot it down!

Do you have a file -- either electronic or in a college ruled notebook -- of testimonials? Humane Society or Foodbank or anywhere in between, it's a super good idea to keep a record of good stories. Good and fruitful stories can run the gamut of happy all the way to tuggin at the ol heartstrings. Good and fruitful stories are stories that are real stories of real people in real times...and are the reason you open your doors in the morning and also the reason people give funds and time to your organization.

Imagine this boy came in to your office. He was beaming - grinning from ear to ear. He had a small Tupperware dish of strawberries from his own garden. He handed them to you and his mom asked if they could have a few minutes of your time. You said of all sat down in the lobby and the boy proceeded to tell you how he purchased the strawberry plants a couple years ago with his lawn mowing money...and this was the first year they produced more than a couple berries. &qu…

What does your brand say about you?

Branding…it is everything your audience sees, hears, or touches relating to your nonprofit.
Your brand includes - but is not limited to -  your logo, website, business card, direct mail campaigns, e-newsletters, emails, marketing materials, presentations, conferences, and social media profiles. Bark once if your print, web, radio, etc. have a different feel and message.
B A R K !
Fear not, my four legged (and 2 legged)'s not an impossible may take a little time, but it's worth it's weight in dog biscuits to make strides in that direction!
Your nonprofit’s brand is going to define the trust factor, leading to raising more money and awareness.  And the easiest way to establish trust is putting the essence of your organization into every piece of brand…consistently.
Branding has the power to relay that you are qualified, capable, and professional (Like me after a visit to the Paw Spaw).  It also has the power to relay messiness, disorder, and questionabili…