Say Hello to More Responses

What if you could increase your response rate on your next direct mail campaign? It can be as easy as making a phone call. By creating a companion voice broadcast to enhance your next direct mail campaign, you can turn up the volume (or Pump Up The Volume if you are MARRS) on your response rate.  
We recently had a client who experienced a 73% (!) increase in response rate when they added a voice broadcast to their marketing mix right before a major direct mail appeal. More donors responding multiplied by the average gift per donor = more money for your mission. Now that's pumping up the volume.
The use of integrated marketing not only dramatically increases your reach, but also frequency, which improves recognition and top-of-mind awareness. A pawsitively effective fundraising campaign uses integrated marketing to raise your profile and then direct mail comes along behind to collect the money.
Want to hear us bark a bit about voice broadcasting? Call us! Operators are standing by. Actually they are sitting and we don't really call them operators, but you know what I mean.


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