Integrated Marketing Strategies

The answer you will get will more than likely be "no" until you ask. So..."how" and "how often" you ask are of critical importance.

Direct mail, newsletters, brochures. eblasts, online catalogs, mobile messaging. Print and broadcast media, space advertising. How about all of the above? An integrated campaign used through many mediums will maximize exposure and broaden the return of your investment. Think 1 + 1 = whatever you want it to be (even dog biscuits and a frisbee if that's really what you want). Adding layers of messaging to your campaign will boost responses and serves as great PR for your mission.

Picture this: Your donor has received a voice broadcast message about the growing need in your service area. The next day, a newsletter comes in the mail with a personal story that shows how you fill that need. A couple of days later, there is an email in their inbox asking them to donate. Each message is enhanced by the other communications.

Sounds like as much work as digging and re-digging a hole for your favorite bone, now doesn't it? All you need is a little four-letter word: PLAN. With a well thought out plan of how to make all aspects of advertising, PR and fundraising work together, you can combine strategies to create the right message on the right mediums and the right time. (wink,wink, nudge, nudge...those crazy cats here at Alpha Dog Marketing can help you with that!) Integrated marketing, rather than a one-and-done approach, will bring you the improved retention, increased revenue and donor base growth that you are seeking.

Keep following our blog to see examples of how a customized integrated marketing plan can work for you. Share your success story in the comment section below.

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P.S. What does the photo of Pinky have to do with this little quip? Absolutely nothing, but she sure is barktiful.


  1. I used to find it overwhelming to think of all this "stuff" I had to do...not one thing at a time, but all overlapping and continuous. But, I have allowed (made?) myself step back and plan a bit and it DOES make a big difference.


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