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Having a facebook page seems to be a very fast growing trend in the business world. What used to be "just something those young wippersnappers do to talk to their friends" is now a very important tool for businesses...from nonprofits to Fortune 500's.

In fact, this article shows that 71% of Fortune 500's have a Facebook page, and 59% have Twitter accounts. wowza! But it isn't just for profit businesses that are making a go at social media. Lots of Humane Society's and Food Banks are using it very successfully. It's a great way to keep in touch with anyone and everyone interested in your mission.

Just off the top of my furry head, a few ways these platforms can work for you:
- a call for volunteers
- promote events
- event reminders
- share stats specific to your community or nation wide

- promote/thank sponsors
- press releases
- media mentions
- goals reached
- jobs offered
- promote your blog
- run contests/games
- start a conversation
- Q & A sessions
- fun stories or quotes...oh! the list could go on!

If you are already on Facebook and Twitter...good for you! If you haven't taken the step yet, don't fret. Just take a deep breath, let out a good ol howl, and dive in! It's a learning process, and contrary to the saying, old dogs like me love learning new tricks!

P.S. What's your social media outlet of choice?
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