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Asking a volunteer to donate?

"But she's a great volunteer.

What if she gets offended if we ask her to donate more than she already gives with her time?

She gives so much already."

Have you heard yourself saying this? Or perhaps you don't utter the words...but you think them when you are faced with the opportunity to ask a trusted and familiar volunteer to donate something other than their time.

But folks! Think about it! This person or group gives time...a hot commodity in most peoples minds and giving it to your organization. Instead of going to a movie or to a sporting event or watching television or surfin the 'net...they are doing their part in helping a cause. So...if they are willing and committed to give one important piece of their life (time) to your organization...what makes you think they won't give in other ways (money or goods).

According to a recent Independent study: American households with a volunteer contribute more than three times as much to charity than house…

Corporate Sponsor for 2011

Hiya folks! Wow, 2011! I've been spending quite a bit of time nestled at the foot of various peoples desks here at Alpha Dog...I'm pretty sure most of us four legged friends miss most of January because we are recovering from the rush of the holidays. My friends here are busy working on spring appeals, so that means spring can't be too far away! Three barks and a leap in the air for that.

I just wanted to share with you a bit of Alpha Dog news...Alpha Dog Marketing is a 2011 corporate partner of the DMA Nonprofit Federation! I know, cool, right? Our partnership will support the mission of Alpha Dog in serving nonprofit organizations and connect employees and clients with resources...yippy skippy for that!

If you would like to read the whole press release, go here.

Go on, I'll wait..

oh, hi! You read that fast!
Pretty cool, huh? Virtual hi-fives for Alpha Dog Marketing and this partnership!