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A Pledge to Our Partners.

As the year comes to an end and we look forward to starting the new year with you...(ok, let's get real...we've already started on the work for 2012!...hellooo newsletters and spring mockups!)...we want to remind you about our commitment to you and your mission.
So, I pulled a bit out of our most resent embark newsletter... because, well, it's how we feel, what we want you to know, and what we do, everyday. for you, our partner. Every day, our team of professionals will provide you service that exceeds your expectations.Every day, we will listen to your needs and respond to your requests.Every day, we will give your projects, packages, and programs the attention to quality they deserve.Every day, we are committed to your success, and will assure that all details are attended to without error or oversight.Every day, we will ensure that your activities are aligned with your organization’s strategic vision. We will know your organization as a whole in order to support your mis…

Spirit of the Social Community

The seasonal decorations. The twinkling lights. The pretty packages with festive bows. They all invoke warm feelings about the holiday season and the joy of the togetherness that comes this time of year. Truly, the holiday spirit is about community.

As they are appreciating the togetherness of family and friends in the spirit of the season, many will be using websites like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to others. Your social media outreach at this time of year has the opportunity to influence and extend the feeling of community that is so prevalent during the holiday season.

Share in the holiday spirit with messages that will break through the clutter and stand out, so others will be inspired to share and spread your mission. Stories about who you are helping, pictures that show how you do it, and opportunities for volunteering and donating are all ways to embrace what social media is really all about: sharing, caring, and connecting.


Thank YOU!
This time of year, many of us give thanks for the people in our lives and the things that we appreciate most. As you make your lists of whom and what you are thankful for, we thank you for allow us to share ours with you through this blog.
The following is a short “Thankful” list (in no particular order) from the folks here at Alpha Dog Marketing. We are thankful for our partners, who have chosen to associate with us in order to help fulfill their noble and necessary missions. We work with many organizations, and each and every one is
important to us.We are thankful for our employees and co-workers. Without them, there would be no Alpha Dog Marketing, so we give thanks to them for their dedication, commitment, and support.We are thankful for our colleagues and friends in the business and nonprofit communities. The encouragement and collaboration we receive from vendors, associates, service providers and yes,
even our competitors, is truly appreciated.What are you thankful for? F…

Google+ Is Now Open To Nonprofits


Have your elevator speech ready?


Read on, Read away

Hot off the presses!
Extra, Extra!
Read all about Alpha Dog Marketing!
(that was sorta supposed to sound like a boy in a cap on the corner of 2nd and main selling newspapers...or in this case, newsletters...but not selling them, giving them away for free).
But really....go on ahead and readour newest issue of embark.It's great!  
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txt 2 gve (that's Text To Give)

Being from the non-profit arena, I'm sure you fall somewhere along the line between "I've heard of texting a donation" to "we've barked up that tree, we've integrated it, and have XX many donors that give that way."

No matter where you find yourself on that line, it's good and healthy for your nonprofit to keep up to date on best practices as well as tips and tricks of the trade...even if you don't plan on incorporating the latest craze quite yet.

I came across an article a few days ago and thought it would be good to share. It's a nice short read, so, go on, and get you some knowledge here!

Hello and Howdy

Happy Autumn from the Alpha Dog Marketing Lincoln Office!

embark, autumn style

Well folks, our latest edition of embark is available now. It's available for you to read, here....but...wouldn't it be fun to read it from the graphic above? I mean, I know it's 2pt. type...but think of the fun you'll have by saying "I read a 4 page newsletter with 2pt. type." It'll sound great...I'm sure of it!

Sharing is Caring (and beneficial too!)


Get “IN” with Alpha Dog Marketing

Bow WOW! I get the honor of barking out some super great news!

We've recently announced a new line of programs designed for our lovely nonprofit organization friends...they are designed to streamline direct marketing and fundraising strategies into turn-key solutions.  Come on now...who doesn't want to “get IN” by combining these programs into a complete strategic solution for their ?

Intelligent Inspiration Consulting is a complete review of a nonprofit organization’s strategic, marketing and fundraising plans. Alpha Dog Marketing takes a total view of the organizations overall goals. The “intelligence” part comes from research, historical data analysis, and years of direct marketing experience, and the “inspiration” part comes from the passion we have for helping our nonprofit partners advance their missions. 
InSight Analysis™ provides a complete review and analysis of a nonprofit’s donor database, offering valuable insight for development and fundraising executives. Years …

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day, Alpha Dog friends! Hope your day is a hot dog and your activities are cool as a cat! Keep safe and remember, pets -like me- don't get a kick out of fireworks like you humans do, so keep my furry friends out there happy, k?

From "Like" to "Love"